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In February 2008 we put Lay Formula – one of the most widely publicised horse racing laying systems on the market today – to the test. Everyone and their auntie had been talking about this laying system and it was apparently for good reason to, because the profits the publishers were claiming were quite exceptional. But was it all it’s cracked up to be, or was it just another of these “here today and gone tomorrow” type systems that look good on paper, but who fail to cut the mustard when you put them into practice?

This is what we said about Lay Formula when we first started our test…

Lay Formula is a system that works around the principle that if fancied horses in the market will attract money before the off, then less fancied horses will, in turn, drift. It is not, however, just blindly laying drifters. The authors have included a number of filters designed to strengthen any bet made.

The system is supplied in PDF form and comes with 29 pages. The first few pages are written to assume the reader has never placed a bet before and this section will give the novice a good grounding. The rest of the manual details the system and gives plenty of examples, to help avoid confusion when operating the system yourself.

Lay Formula works in the live betting markets just before the off, and as a result it will require sitting at a PC during the day, however, the authors are now able to automate the process for an extra fee and I will look into this at the end of the month’s trial.

Lay Formula comes with its own staking plan and staking spreadsheet to help work the stakes out for you, but is claimed to make a level stakes profit. The author suggests it is possible to operate the system from a 100 point bank but does suggest using a 200 point bank where possible to ensure safety.

After reading the manual through a couple of times to make sure I fully understand the method, initial impressions are good and it does seem to be based on sound, logical principles, although as with any system the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and whether or not this system is capable of producing the 131 points (over 2 months) claimed in the sales page will be put to the test over the next month or so.

For the test I will be using a £2000 bank and bet at a base stake of £10 using the associated staking plan.

My partner Craig then posted updates detailing how the bets were performing on a daily basis in the System Testing section of our website. It would probably be worth your while to read through the posts in that section to get the full picture on how the month worked out, but if you’d rather just cut to the chase, here is his final summary of the Lay Formula laying system….

Well, it’s been a month now since I started my test of Lay Formula and it’s been an interesting month.

We finished the month well in the black and, bar a wobbly patch mid month, it has been a positive and successful trial.

The lowest point was on the 16th, at which time we were down £107 or 11 points. Only thirteen days later, we were in the black to the tune of £270 or 27 points, that is 38 points profit in 13 days, an average of nearly 3 points profit a day. There aren’t many systems out there that can boast that kind of profit! Add in the fact that during those 13 days we suffered a number of abandonments and the profit becomes all the more impressive.

Even at the lowest point of the trial I only dipped into my 200 point bank by 5%.

Lay Formula clearly isn’t for everyone. Firstly, while the odds range from 3.5 – 10, the majority of the selections will be in the 7+ class and more likely the 9+ area. This means you are staking 8 – 9 times your stake on a selection, similar to backing an 1/10 odds on shot and if things go wrong which at some point they will, it does hurt a bit. In addition, it is a live market system and as such requires a fair bit of user input. Having said that, Lay Formula have started a bot service that will do the work on your behalf. I received the bot just a couple of days ago and I will update you on how this is progressing over the coming weeks.

Overall, with a strike rate in excess of 92% over the last three months and using the accompanying staking plan, Lay Formula has the potential to make vast sums of money for those disciplined enough to stick with it. My recommendation would be to start small and build it up over time. The guys at Lay Formula assure me that it really comes into its own in the summer months and so all I can say is ‘bring on the summer!’

Lay Formula is a system I rate very highly and is one I use daily as part of my betting portfolio – I’d suggest you do the same!

As you can see from the results and tell from Craig’s enthusiastic write-up about it, Lay Formula passed the test with flying colours. There was a couple of ups and downs in the middle of the month, but as Craig said the very worst period only dipped into the bank by 5% and the 11 points or so that it dropped mid-month were quickly recovered over the next few days.

All in all, we couldn’t find any reason to fault Lay Formula. The system produced a very healthy profit during our testing period and we’re pleased to report that it is based on solid methodology, so this is one system we’ll happily move to our “recommended” list.

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No Responses to “Lay Formula”
  1. Jay says:


    You mentioned the Lay bot to automate this method. What kind of experience do you have from using this?


  2. Craig says:

    Hi Jay,

    If I’m honest with you, I’d stay away from it just now. They had a poor March and unfortunately, that seems to have continued into April. I’m assuming it is just a blip, but I’d be very cautious with it just now.

  3. Jay says:

    You were right Craig, have you seen there results from yesterday. Looks like the worst losses since they began the system.

  4. Craig says:


    I hadn’t actually seen yesterday’s results, but they don’t make for good reading! I still think the theory behind the system is sound enough, but I think anyone who’s followed it recently will have a major dent in their bank.

    It could be the time of year, but I’d advise anyone who’s thinking of buying, to just watch for at least the next month and see if things improve.

  5. James Fitzmaurice says:

    Lay Formula is going through a blip yes, and it is very unfortunate for us the people that run the service and for the current members.

    We know that this is a traditionally difficult time for systems with the season changeover but we were very optimistic that Lay Formula would be immune, however as can be seen by the terrible results recently this hasn’t been the case.

    Another great system highly regarded, Lay Pro 88 has also had a torrid time so we know that its not just Lay Formula.

    We have a new plan and all will be revealed very soon


  6. Callie says:

    No results from the Lay Formula Team since February 2008… perhaps they would like to reveal to us the ‘new plan’. Perhaps this service has gone dead.

  7. Vman says:


    The website to use is . Seems June is off to a good start…

  8. Fox says:

    What is the current recommendation status of this product? Just wondered if you might consider updating your reviews because it is a little confusing. The review is a glowing one, but within a month, and only if the reader goes on to read the comments underneath, you advise staying away from the product. Could catch some readers out unawares? Perhaps a “newsflash” at the top of the review to let people know it has been downgraded from a “recommended” to “be aware”….? Otherwise it may seem to the uninitiated that you are encouraging people to buy through your affiliate link when the product actually turns out to be a dog, and this is plainly against the ethos of your site.

  9. Craig says:

    @Fox – Current recommendation – I’d have to say it’s one to avoid I’m afraid. It never really seemed to get a chance to recover from it’s ‘blip’ before the system authors started changing the rules when using the bot, which then meant they weren’t using Lay Formula at all. Even with these revised rules, the profit seems ever elusive.

    Perhaps the original system is still performing, but we’re hard pushed to recommend something that even the authors have lost faith in.

    I agree with your idea about a little update and we’ll get something sorted soon.

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