Matt Bisogno: Trainer Flat Stats

I’ve written about Matt Bisogno before on here, simply because he writes one of the most popular, informative and profitable betting blogs on the planet. This year for the Cheltenham Festival he was posting his views on each of the key races some weeks in advance and he ended up turning over a profit of 73 points at SP and over 120 points at Betfair’s odds. That’s £12,000 profit to straight £100 bets in just 3 days, so you can understand why I like his blog as much as I do.

This guy doesn’t just walk the talk when it comes to betting, I suspect that he actually boogies his way back and forth to the bookmaker’s payout window. Picture the film The Full Monty, where they’re standing in the cue for their dole money. That’s Matt in the bookies, for sure :-)

But Matt has a secret. Not one of those “I know the jockey’s sister” type secrets, but a much more powerful and insanely profitable secret that if you were prepared to put the work in with your own selection process, you could possibly do too. It’s really quite simple – he knows how to work horse racing statistics in a way that practically ensures he wins over and over again.

What Matt does is pour over the form book, carefully analysing every possible variable in the stats, to come up with an optimum set of rules for producing profits each and every time he puts his money down. You only need to look at his Cheltenham results (£12,000 profit in 3 days just a fortnight ago and he gave all of this information away free to his blog subscribers) to know that this guy has the knack of performing precision betting down to a fine art.

So, I’ll give you a little tip here – when Matt Bisogno speaks, you listen ;-)

Now, I’ve been an avid reader of Matt’s blog for some time and I’m completely and utterly hooked on it these days, but the last time I wrote about him it was because he was giving away a free copy of the horse racing statistics guide he publishes every six months that details the bets he’ll be placing throughout each season. This publication has averaged an annual profit of more than £25,000 for each of his readers every year since 2002, so it’s pretty damn good!

You can’t pick up a copy of the National Hunt version for free any longer, but it’s the Flat where he excels and now that it’s underway again he’s just released the latest version of his guide.

And this, dear readers, is what they call in betting circles “The Big Kahuna“.

Every year I wait in anticipation for the latest version of Matt’s guide and I don’t say that about many of the betting products I review, but this is the one I’ll definitely make an exception for. It doesn’t matter what else you do – trading, dutching, following tipsters, I don’t care – if you add this low-cost guide to your portfolio I suspect you’ll also be doing “the Travolta” at the payout window more times than you can imagine this flat season. That’s how good it is.

Here’s your ticket to the dance floor…..

Matt Bisogno’s Trainer Flat Stats

Take my advice and don’t pass this opportunity up. You have never heard me speak so highly about anyone or any other betting product before on here and that’s because Matt’s got a proven track record for producing the goods that’s second to none. £12K at Cheltenham says it all.

Plus, the guy dances like an Angel. What more can I say? :)

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No Responses to “Matt Bisogno: Trainer Flat Stats”
  1. Paul says:

    @ John – the link to the most recent NH season is below. For previous year’s results you would need to contact Matt for them.

    @ Martin – we haven’t been ramping up non-qualifiers that have won. Yes, a few of us – visitors included – backed that one of Johnston’s last week and I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ll have a few quid on the longer priced ones when I think they hold a chance, especially after some of the results we’ve already seen this season, but if you’re following the system to the letter then you’ll stick to max odds of 14/1. That’s fine.

    I don’t know why the book doesn’t mention each-way betting when his own results sheet clearly does. It always has done too, which is why I assumed the majority of people would be backing them each-way when the odds warrant it, but that’s another question for Matt I’m afraid.

  2. Terry says:

    RE: Placing – the link you have given before is for Track stats – not Flat stats. Flat stats are here:
    If you look at the record for Cum Pl P/L (Cumulative Place profit/loss) you can see that even before this recent poor run, the highest ever profit for placings has been £1 – all other figures are in the red.
    Therefore I would say that the selections are win only.

    RE: Performance – Since 20th April the system has failed *completely* and wiped out the entire season’s profit in a week. There have only been a couple of short priced winners. Again you will see this from his graph.

  3. Paul says:


    The “entire season’s profit” that you refer to is only 4 weeks and if you had been backing them at lunchtime or early afternoon you’d actually be in profit.

    If you judge something like this based on 4 weeks results it’s like Matt has said himself…. it’s probably not for you.

    ~ Paul

  4. Terry says:

    Paul – absolutely – it’s not a get rich quick scheme – it’s a long term strategy. I was just clarifying the results to date since some visitors were querying whether the stats include the non-qualifiers. You can see what is and isn’t included from that link.

    What do you think about betting each-way based on these stats? Even when the graph is at its peak, the place P/L doesn’t look that great.

  5. Paul says:

    Sorry Terry, I see what you mean. Matt isn’t quoting non-qualifiers in his results, that much is definite, and we haven’t exactly hit the ground running so far, but it’s only the start of the season and every other season he’s done this has had similar spells so I honestly wouldn’t worry about it.

    He definitely does quote the place part in his results too though and from everything I’ve seen and heard from him I took it as granted that when the odds warrant it then it made sense to do them each-way. If the place part has made a profit every year too then I see no reason why not.

  6. Nicky says:

    Hi paul intresting system is this a short term or long term profit system?, and how much can you really expect say with a £500 bank?. Cheers.

  7. Paul says:

    It’s a long-term approach that will carry on throughout the season Nicky. According to Matt the guide will only be available until this Saturday though.

  8. Nicky says:

    Ok cheers for that paul whats the return been like and how long have u been testing it?

  9. Paul says:

    I’ve followed it for the last couple of seasons Nicky and made a good 100 points profit from it each time. It’s been a slow start to this season so far, but a 6/1 winner today helped and I’d anticipate it doing just as well again as the season goes on.

  10. MC says:

    Here’s an idea, wondered if anyone has tried it…looking at the longer priced selections, Yesterday one of the selections whose odds were too high was Blue Java (SP 20/1) in the 17.05 at Ascot. I noticed from reading the blurb under the results on the Sporting Life site that yesterday Blue Java came in way down the field. The horse came in 12th at 20/1, but if you read the blurb it says: ‘led, ridden and headed over 2f out, weakened over 1f out touched 25/1′ . Now. does that mean that it was winning until the last furlong of the race? If so, then the odds in-running will have come right down. Has anyone thought of backing pre-race and then putting up a lay bet to go in-running for much shorter odds so you get a guaranteed return?
    I don’t know if this would be a profitable strategy long-term or not. Anyone got any thoughts on it?

  11. Nicky says:

    ok cheers paul

  12. Paul says:

    I’ve just put this review of Trainer Flat Stats back online as Matt’s got it on sale again for this week only. He’ll be taking it off the market on the final day of Royal Ascot, so if you’d like to get it – and save yourself a wedge in subscription fees by using the book to find the selections yourself instead (which is definitely the sensible option!) – then you’ll need to get it this week.

    Here’s a quote from Matt’s blog about it…..

    “As you’ll no doubt be aware from my various comments on the matter, and from your own wagering should you be in on the TFS gig, we’re having a rather dandy time of it (fairly quiet week since Saturday’s three winners aside).

    The monthly scores this season are:

    March +4.15 points
    April -1.15 points
    May +46.75 points (!)
    June +18.55 points

    Profits then to £20 at betfair odds are a very satisfying £1,366.

    Even at SP for the small minority who still use the bookies regularly, the same £20’s would have returned you £835.

    Why am I telling you this? Well, because from now until the end of Royal Ascot, the window (if not the door) is opening for TrainerFlatStats.

    The usual sales pitches apply: this is genuinely the last chance you’ll have to buy TFS. At 5.40pm UK time, the window shuts, and we draw the curtains.

    Thereafter, the guide will not be sold again this year. Your next opportunity to get hold of this type of information will be in late August when TrainerTrackStats 2008/9 hits the ether. Yes, the same TTS that has made 60 and 100 points respectively in the last two seasons )”

    As you can see, Matt’s Trainer Flat Stats guide has made 65 points profit since I first wrote about it and substantially more than that if you took prices earlier in the day, so I still recommend it just as highly now as I did two months ago…. drop what you’re doing and get your copy here!

  13. Francis says:

    Great site and good work lads.I’ve been doing the TFS for over a week now(email service),but I feel a bit of caution is in order.There hasn’t been a winner in over a week and I’m down over 20 points – that’s 20 straight losses.It’s very up and down and perhaps some people won’t be able to handle the swings.
    Incidently,Paul, Iooking at Matt’s site,I find it hard to believe that the profits he boasts are achievable with this.He states that it averages 600+ points in a year(he claims £6500 to £10 stakes,I think),yet accessing the results for the past two years from the TTS(Trainer Track Stats) which runs from September to April suggests a very much more moderate tally of 60 – 100 points. I’ve emailed him concerning this but I’m still awaiting his reply.I can’t find his previous TFS results from past years at all.

    So that means that the TFS must be able to make 500+ points in the much smaller April till end of August window to make up the shortfall,which I find unbelievable. So long as I’m up at the end of it I don’t care, but all I’m saying is the sweeping profit spiel on his main page should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Anyway,great site and very informative indeed.Well done lads!

  14. Paul says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about either Francis, but it’s made me a good 100 points a season for the last couple of years and that’s pretty damn good regardless. It does go up and down a bit, but pretty much all backing systems do – a lot of the selections are at decent odds, so it’s to be expected. You just need to set up your bank and run with it.

    I’ll be interested to hear what he says about that 600 points thing. What you say about 60-100 points level-staking is correct, so I presume that’s using some kind of staking plan. I couldn’t tell you for sure though.

  15. Francis says:

    Thanks Paul.Well,I know that 100 points for TFS and then another 100 pionts for TTS combined for a full year(two seasons) would be very good.I imagine that some sort of staking plan would have to be in place to achieve more,but if you’re single point is £50(like mine) then it’s very wise to stick to flat betting, as I for one am running severalsystems at the same time and don’t want to put all of my eggs in the one basket.That would be madness.Lets hope things pick up o.k. Just out of interest Paul,you mentioned that you’ve been running TFS for a couple of years.What was your worst losing streak off the top of your head.Did it match or even beat the current one?Thanks.

  16. LF says:

    Hi Francis,

    It is understandable that you would be gutted at the performance of TFS over the past week since there has not been a single winner in that period, and mostly not long shots either! However, you would have missed the two weeks prior to that when it was almost impossible for a day going by without a high-priced winner.

    One of the reasons I use TFS was also because of the very high advertised profits. For a backing system to achieve those kinds of advertised profits means that it must generate an average of 100 + pts per month (although not with any kind of regularity).

    If instead of 100+ pts per month the profit was more like 15 points per month, that is still a decent return for a system but the number of selections given means that the profit curve will be very very volatile and maybe another system would have better suited my goals, staking plan and coordination with other systems.

  17. Paul says:

    I don’t think it was ever going to make 600pts a season to level stakes. I actually wrote my initial review of this before the website for the flat version was even done, simply because I knew how good it was from previous seasons, and I didn’t for a second think the profits would be anything like 600pts to level stakes. I’ve probably made 100pts (plus) a season, which in my opinion is excellent, taking a price on the selections around about lunchtime.

    I’ve seen it go up and down by 30-40 points a time Francis, not often down the way mind you, but that’s probably the worst I’ve seen. However, a lot of the selections are 6/1 up to 14/1 and when you’re betting in that range you have to expect to run up losing sequences. They tend to arrive like buses…. nothing for a few days and then you pick up an 8/1, 10/1 and 12/1 in quick succession.

    In my eyes Trainer Flat Stats is always a good investment to make each season, because (a) it’s based on good solid statistics, (b) it’s done the business every single season since Matt started publishing it, and (c) even if you only bet in fivers or tenners you’ll probably still make enough to pay for a couple of holidays every year. That’s not bad at all.

  18. Paul Pro says:

    Thanks Paul, for bringing this system to my attention a while back. I bought the system and has turned out to be a great portfolio inclusion. I expect the next 6 weeks to be better, judging by last years results found on Matts blog site Look under Free Systems and you can access results from last year. Results JUL +74.45 AUG +21.70 SEP +19.40 to BF odds – Comm. Might not be 100% correct, so please don’t shoot the messenger. All the best guys.

  19. Paul Pro says:

    Sorry Guys those figures are wrong. Should be JUL 30.00 AUG 8.68 SEP 7.76. You can shoot me now! worked out to 20 stakes, i am now using 50 stakes.

  20. Paul Pro says:

    Just checked the figures again. I was right first time AAArrrgghhhhh! ;-) Matts gonna shoot me!

  21. nightshiftman says:

    Afternoon all did i miss this system last time round

    Think i will be having a look at this :p

    Is it still doing well


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